When your business has grown beyond your wildest dreams… Create structure & calm.
When you’re overwhelmed by critical tasks… Free your time.
Shift your focus to financial stability & growth And let it be easy.

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Revolutionizing bookkeeping for entrepreneurs who are ready to level up.

Financial Ease & Clarity Awaits.

We’ll care for your finances while you build the business of your dreams.

Creating structure & systems to streamline the back-end of your books.

We understand that everyone has a unique relationship with money, and that being an entrepreneur doesn’t come with innate finance knowledge.


Our passion is deciphering your specific money patterns and supporting you to create mindful change in your books and systems.


With our non-judgemental support clients implement practical, intuitive & scalable systems for managing their finances. Inside this ecosystem, they are empowered to focus on their clients & business growth, using their books as a tool to drive their strategy & goals.

Deciphering your unique relationship with money.
Full Cycle Bookkeeping

We’re a fully virtual firm with the vibe of an in-house bookkeeping team. We’re detail oriented and particular about providing clear & organized numbers that allow you to make informed financial decisions, understand your liabilities, and plan for taxes. We’re fans of being CRA compliant  and having an ongoing strategy for being audit-proof. Great books mean no surprises if an audit pops up, and always being able to find what you need, easily. 

Financial Systems Design

Having the right financial systems & processes with the tech tools to back them up is where we make magic happen! Using the best cloud-based software and apps on the market to create the custom financial system of your dreams, your books will be secure, real-time accurate and easy for you to access and use. We take an accessible approach to training & support using screen share videos, print and one-to-one support for yourself and your team.

Fractional Controller

We think the Controller job title sounds like a 90s goth band, and we’re ok with it! A Controller is what we call the “numbers translator”. We interpret your books for you, in a language entrepreneurs and accountants can both understand. As we maintain your internal bookkeeping best practices & manage your day-to-day financial operations, we’ll work closely with you throughout the year to highlight areas that require a tax planning strategy.

Paying Bills and Getting Paid

Lots of finance pros talk about cash flow, and how it’s key to a successful business, at any level. But what does that even look like, day to day? We’ll interpret what cash flow looks like for your unique business, and help you create a strategy to manage it. We use tech tools to streamline accounts receivable and get you paid quickly and create a structured approach to paying your team, your vendors and yourself that is easy and syncs with your books and records.

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Trish Feistner (she/her)

Trish is an experienced bookkeeper and a total boss! In 2007, Trish built a local coffee shop with her spouse. After being unable to find great bookkeeping support, she pursued new education in bookkeeping and finance, and found herself building a bookkeeping firm. This boutique firm serves a varied client base of high-level entrepreneurs in industries spanning marketing, design, executive coaching, alternative health care and even a few coffee shops. Trish works and resides on the traditional lands of Turtle Island (Toronto) with her family. Her big joy is helping women take ownership of their business finances to create growth and change in their lives.

Trish makes it easy to maintain a daily routine of organizing our little daily expenses along with the big tax questions. I’m grateful that she can, with ease (at least she makes it look that way) take care of everything, and I can depend on her to do it properly.

Lori Stilwell, Robert Custom Ltd.

Trish is an accountant’s dream, providing well documented analysis and delivering a high quality file for our continuing work. She makes it easy, and allows us to focus on tax related planning rather than getting the books right!

Mike Koff, CPA

Not only do our business finances, tax preparation and general structure of our books and finances feel easier, it’s actually effortless on our side. Trish and her team look after everything for us and we never have to wonder if anything has been done. It’s 100% trust and confidence. We just have to focus on running and growing our business.

Nat Korol, Hyphen Co.

Interested in learning how we support our clients? We’d love to hear your business story.

Let us transform your relationship to your business and step into your financial power.

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